Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Warm Welcome To You All

This page is intended as a shortcut to the websites and blogs of E. P. Ned Burke and E. P. Burke Publishing.

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* Magazettes Information Center
Here you will find links to all our fine Magazettes!

Also, don't forget ...

* Online Magazine Publisher
* Hey! You wanna be a writer?

* Writer's Magazette
* Yesterday's Magazette 
* Bargain E-Books Magazette



Lots of new stuff going on at E. P. Burke Publishing.

For one thing, we have a great deal on How To Be An Online Magazine Publisher. Check it out at right now!

Also, Hey! You wanna be a writer?, is available and updated. And the best part is it still costs just $17 bucks! Got to:

Also, is now up and running. You’ll find lots of interesting magazettes on this site.

Another new site is Family Albums Magazette This is geared to those individuals who need help in converting their old photos into an attractive PDF e-book.

Lastly, as an avid golfer, I enjoyed building Golf Magazette and Senior Golfers Magazette web site. These sites feature inexpensive golf equipment, articles, jokes and more. I think you’ll like it. Take a look now.

You can follow many of my updates on Twitter now at: or check out my facebook pages at and 

That’s it for now.

Have a super day … and be kind to one another.


PS/ Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy all the sites listed.

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